You Can Now Share Jira Issues With Checklists Through Smart Checklist + External Share Integration

The Community is one of the best parts of the Atlassian ecosystem. It (as well as a little bit of REST API magic) offers a lot of room and creative freedom for vendors to collaborate and design solutions that enhance the experiences of Jira users. 

External Share + Smart Checklist integration is a nice example of these collaborations. 

External Share for Jira

Warsaw Dynamics is an Atlassian App developer with a nice selection of products for enhancing the sharing of information, obtaining approvals, and signing contracts within Jira and Confluence. 

External Share for Jira by Warsaw Dynamics allows users to securely share live content from Jira tickets and boards. Users you share the tickets with do not require a Jira license, and this makes the app’s functionality extremely useful when working with customers or even internal departments that do not rely on Atlassian products for their project management flows.

External Share’s functionality allows non-Jira users to follow updates, add comments and attachments, or change the statuses of live Jira issues. 

What can (or can’t) you share?

An external user is someone who doesn’t have direct access to your Jira instance. External Share for Jira solves the problem of sharing content with these users. The app lets you create unique, secure URLs for your Jira issues, filters, and boards.

Warsaw Dynamics has a nice representation of how their app works, with the External Share Roadmap board serving as a live demo. We could actually see the ticket regarding the integration of Smart Checklist on the Jira board from this link. Nice 🔥🔥🔥

As the board owner, you decide which aspects of this functionality an External Link will allow. For instance, you can give access to a ticket but limit the user’s ability to comment or change the status.

Additionally, you can use Permission Schemes to add, edit, or modify permissions to different operations for users.   

Moreover, you can extend the sharing functionality and allow users to modify specifically selected fields. You’ll need to create a dedicated Automation for Jira rules to do so, but the process isn’t too complicated. It is also well-documented. Check the related page here.

Use Cases

Let’s say your marketing relies on HubSpot or for managing their tasks. Yet, they still need to keep in touch with the developers and designers to release that killer landing page or lead-magnet newsletter. 

External Share allows them to collaborate on issues, leave comments, view and add attachments or screenshots, and – obviously – keep their finger on the pulse of the task through a beautifully rendered checklist of ToDo items 😉 

All without needing to access a Jira instance (or your company paying for more licenses).

This functionality is also quite useful when you are working as a vendor or offering outsourcing services, as your clients can access your board and issues and review progress or leave notes in real-time. What’s even more useful for this case is that you can use Permission Schemes to limit what they can (or can’t) see or interact with. 

Smart Checklist and External Share integration

External Share’s integration with Smart Checklist offers users a more effective way to collaborate. Smart Checklist offers a selection of formatting options as well as the use of user mentions and dates. 

External users can view checklists inside Jira tickets, thus greatly improving visibility and transparency. This way, stakeholders can review the progress of a task in real-time as checklist items are done one by one.

External users also get much more information and context regarding a certain task as it includes the steps needed to meet acceptance criteria and more detailed descriptions of what needs to be done, as well as relevant links to documentation and resources.

It is also important to notice that while external users can view the content of a checklist, they can not modify it. This makes collaboration more secure without a need to resort to much more limiting options. 

Give External Share + Smart Checklist a try!

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