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Jira Automation Guide with Samples

Jira has many flaws that have been picked on by countless competitors like monday.com. Yet there’s a reason why Atlassian dominates the project management market with a whopping 86.63% in bug-and-issue-tracking market: the flexibility and customizability of their solutions. Jira Automation 101 Jira Automation is a no-code feature that allows Jira users to create if…

Jira Checkbox custom field explained

Fields in Jira capture different information about an issue from user input on the issue screen (more on the screens later). Summary, description, due date, and attachments are all examples of fields you’ve probably seen in your Jira instance. You can finetune Jira to your needs by adding more of these, like the custom checkbox…

Subtasks not showing on Jira Board? Do this!

Jira is a complex and nuanced tool for Project Management. It is known for its flexibility and customization options. What it isn’t known for, however, is good UI or polished user experience. Sometimes the simplest thing – like showing your subtasks on a board for example – can be neatly hidden within the app’s plethora…

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